About Amie Mariana

Hey there! I’m the one snapping pics, scribbling thoughts, and wearing my mom boss pants over here at Nómada Wellness and all of our other brand channels. First things first, I’m a first + middle name entity, not to be weird or pretentious… but to honour my beautiful heritage as a Guatemalan born Canadian. In terms of personality, I’m a shameless idealist, explorer like Dora, ENFP, and Enneagram 4w3. If I dream it…I do it…eventually (and I’ll certainly tell you along the way).

I proudly wear the badge of first-time mama bear to my son, Orson Wilder. I like to describe myself as a perfectly imperfect woman embracing my early thirties, while creating a lifestyle that pushes me to live both authentically & abundantly in #wholelifewellness. I'm constantly reminding myself to toss aside the facade of perfection and live unplugged, stripped down and in hot pursuit of getting back to the basics.

I love all & serve all (Jesus is my homeboy and Mother Teresa is my homegirl), but I'm not a big fan of organized religion, or anything overly organized like being neat, cleaning, grammar, gluten, and writing in capital letters. I also know that each can serve a purpose from time to time. Oh, and I openly suck at punctuation and I live for run-on sentences. I was once told that my writing is too colloquial, but here I am…still freaking writing. It’s actually cool to write this way now so I like to think that I’ve been setting this trend since the 90s. Anway, I have a much longer list of "likes" or "loves" in life and can't wait to share them with you post by post.

Career + Credentials

My professional past has been a mish-mash of start ups + social enterprises, fair-trade fashion, non-profits, NGO's, social services, donor relations, mental health & addictions counseling, and a whole lotta' writing (professionally and for funsies). I hold degrees in Int'l Devel & Sociology with a minor in Community Psych, happy to say that I have used all of them along the way. 

You can currently find me sharing my time + resources with those seeking whole-life wellness and freedom (which includes freedom of time and financial freedom).

My Blog Focus 

This blog serves as a peek into my everyday life as an ever-evolving mompreneur living by the wanderlust of life. I created Nómada Wellness to be a place where everyday wellness meets the modern nomadic lifestyle. Here you’ll find my parenting wins & fails, lifestyle posts + reviews, family memories, DIY's and local surroundings. I throw in the odd peek into my creative process and latest documenting outlets. #documentlife. In the spirit of realness and authenticity, I plan to share my personal adoption story, battle with PCOS, depression & anxiety, and other obstacles that I have to throat-punch on the daily.

I hope our worlds can collide in a beautiful way. My primary goal is to educate you, uplift you, and challenge you (along with myself) to simply live well.

Thanks for reading! I love sharing my local musings, and everyday snapshots & highlights from the back of my mind and the front of my camera lens. Let's live well and do good together! 

xo,  Amie Mariana

Past Press + Mentions

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Income Disclosure/Partnerships
Disclaimer: This blog contains affiliate or referral links which may reward me in the event of a subscription or sale. I use these funds to feed my dog or buy diapers for my baby. You will not be charged extra, and you'll keep me supplied (and my dog alive). It's a win for everyone really.