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Welcome to the Nómada Wellness Blog (formerly I originally created this space to share my personal antics and quest for whole-life wellness, but in recent years it has evolved into something much bigger and brighter and i’m over the moon excited to share!

This new space isn’t just about me! It’s about our incredible collective of ordinary humans doing extraordinary things to create a whole-life wellness lifestyle. This blog is where we share our tips & tools that are made to wander with the modern nomad like you.

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I really like you!

I really like you!

I recently received a one sentence text from a friend that completely lifted my spirit in the middle of a "blah" week. It simply read, "I really like you!" I initially chuckled to myself thinking that I received the text by accident, and that it was actually intended for her husband. I thought this because Matt and I usually send funny little affirmations to each other to get us through the day, so I text back with an awkward "lol" and asked her who she was flirting with. 

To my surprise, she explained that she had been reading through some of my old blogs entries, and told me that she appreciates my friendship and what I have to say *insert warm and fuzzy feeling here*. I told Matt about the text exchange later that night, and we both reveled at how rare it is these days to receive such gratitude and genuine affirmations from friends or acquaintances these days. 

In the same week, my incredible 13 year old nephew was explaining his immense like for something we were showing him and said," wow this is amazing, it would get hundreds of likes on instagram!" and since his generation is the pinnacle of our online and social media oriented lives, it reminded me that we don't often say what we need to say in person or even over text. It's simply easier just to pop someone a thumbs up, or double tap and scroll on. I really appreciated that moment of genuine expression and connection from my friend, because it opened the door for me to reciprocate, and tell her exactly how I felt about her as well.  

Enter momlife...lately I've noticed that things can get pretty isolated quite quickly (if you let it) as a mom. Especially someone like myself who struggles with anxiety in social situations, but used to be a former extrovert who now lives with extroverted tendencies - but must have introverted re-charge time...and lots of it. Sounds kinda weird? Feels even weird-er. Social media can quickly feel like it is your only portal to the outside world. There are lots of mama's I know that could use an extra gesture of appreciation or a word or two (or three) of affirmation. 

Regardless of where you sit on the parenting spectrum, reach out to someone this week...anyone (bonus points if it's a mom) and simply love on them and affirm them just to be nice. Strengthen that bond and give someone that nod that you notice them, care for them, and love that they exist in your life. I promise you'll both feel better when you do.