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baby bests (0-3 months).

baby bests (0-3 months).

Fresh babies and the cutest bumps have been dominating my newsfeed lately, and I'm absolutely smitten with all of them! I'm still in total shock that I have a one year old already. In order to help me process my first year, and maybe help out a few new mamas along the way, I've decided to round up my personal "bests" in all baby related items that are best suited for each stage of baby-hood (in my humble opinion as a first time mama). Feel free to add your own favourites in the comments!! Each mama has her own unique taste. 


Amie's Baby Bests for 0-3 months 

Today's post is all about that glorious 4th trimester when baby is finally earth-side aka. 0-3 months. Mama's if you're currently in this sweet but exhausting phase... or about to be, soak up every little moment, because those sweet little babes grow faster than you can ever imagine!

Please keep in mind that these products are all personal favourites of mine and happened to work well for Orson and I.  Every baby is different, and with trial and error you'll come to know what suits your mama + baby vibe.

This blog post contains affiliate or referral links which may reward me in the event of a subscription or sale. You will never be charged extra (in fact, you'll usually get an added discount). I only promote what I use and love. No junk here. Ain't nobody got time fo dat. Read my full disclosure here. 


The Over Company

Multi-Purpose Cover

The Over Company is the original Canadian multipurpose breathable cover, perfect for mamas and their babes. These beautiful covers are amazing for car seats, nursing privacy (or pumping) & grocery cart riding without worrying about cold and dirty seats. I was thankful to have mine for Orson during the early months to protect him from windy and dusty air when traveling. 

Bonus: this product evolves through each stage. We currently use ours as a grocery cart seat cover! 


Ergo Baby

Infant Baby Carrier

The Ergo Baby was gifted to me at my baby shower and it has been a huge lifesaver through every stage. I would recommend waiting until the umbilical cord skin has fallen off your wee one before using this carrier, or else it could irritate the fresh skin. You can purchase an infant insert for the carrier that provides added support for those fresh babies. You basically roll up your baby in the insert to create a squishy baby burrito, and the insert provides them with instant head + neck support. Once baby is older and stronger, this will be your lifesaver and allow you to make and prep meals, go on long walks, or even go to the bathroom with a little extra peace and back support. We've all been there...peeing while trying to hold a little one. The struggle is real.

Bonus: this design works from infancy to 45lbs. 


Skip Hop Moby

Infant Bath Tub

As a newborn, Orson was one slippery little seal! I was always afraid to bathe him on my own because I thought he would just shoot right out of my hands and across the room like a bar of soap! I was thankful that we purchased this tub because the built in baby hammock gave me so much added support, I didn't have to worry about him slipping without Daddy there to lend an extra hand. Orson has always loved baths and this tub has certainly evolved with us. The hammock insert just pops out and baby can sit in the tub. It also has a plug at the bottom for drainage, and a hook at the back for drying + storage. The whale design is super cute, so I just let it sit out as part of our bathroom baby decor. We also use it to store all of his tub toys! 

Bonus: this tub is good until baby physically outgrows it. 

Wubba Nub Pacifier

Infant Pacifier

This soother was Orson's absolute favourite, and we still catch him reaching for it every once in a while. It is calming, just like any other soother, but the added bonus is the stuffed animal attached to the pacifier. The weighted beenie animals provide extra balance, are easier for baby to eventually pick up, and are a lot harder to lose compared to small ones that are constantly being lost or forgotten. For a period of time,  if we traveled anywhere and forgot Orson's foxy, we were in big trouble! It quickly became his favourite comfort item to use as a pacifier, but also just to snuggle and be with just like in the above photo. This one is best for use up to 6 months. Orson still enjoys it as a little comfort toy every once in a while. 


Munchkin Nursery Projector & Sound System

Baby Sound Machine

This was another item on our baby registry that was thankfully gifted to us. We love this sound machine for it's variety of features and easy to use programming. Orson's favourite sound is the rolling waves, and we program them to stay on for 60 minutes, and set it to automatically restart if he cries. Once the waves come on, he's calmed and the sound helps him fall asleep faster. Lots of baby sleep gurus will recommend a sound machine with custom programming like this one. It has a nightlight feature too so you're not stumbling around in the nursery in the dark. It's an added bonus for me since i'm still very much afraid of the dark. As soon as I hear the waves, I know it's bedtime for me too! 

Bonus: This can last you years and years! Custom sound, projector (cute little animal scenes), and program settings. Best quality and value that i've found so far!! 


Halo Bassinest

Infant Bassinet

I can't recommend this enough for c-section mamas. The Halo Bassinest was on my registry and we wanted it in order to safely begin our co-sleeping journey with Orson directly beside our bed.

This bassinet allows you to get as close as possible to your baby while still maintaining a safe barrier. There is a breathable mesh outer layer that won't wake baby up if stretching or startled, and is safely designed so baby can breathe through if it they happen to press up against the side. I was very paranoid about SIDS so I was constantly checking him throughout the night.

It also has a handy nursing timer and little built in flashlight for those middle of the night feedings. At this stage, Orson loved the built-in vibration setting in the bassinet, and his favourite sound mode was the heartbeat. I would pull the bassinet right up to my side of the bed, and its even designed to overlap safely on top of your bed. It's amazing.

Watch the demo video here.

It was a total life-saver for me in those first few months post c-section when my body was sore, recovering, and lifting Orson was extremely difficult. Total game-changer. This will last you up to month 4 or 5, depending on the size of your baby, or how soon they are able to sit up and move around. 


Kekaroo Peanut Changer

Diaper Chang Pad

The Kekaroo Peanut Changer is easily the best (and most sanitary) change table on the market. I was so thankful to find this in my quest for the best and simplest baby products. I hate doing laundry, yet Matt and I are also picky when it comes to germs. This surface is a cool unique texture with the right amount of comfort for baby. It is beyond easy to wipe and keep clean. Bum changes are a breeze! I can't imagine getting poop all over those cloth pads and having to wash them. No mess or stink here. It is a pricer item, but so worth the investment. 

Bonus: This will last you well into toddler life until your wee one is potty trained. Also has a seat belt for the squirmier ones. Great for high or low change tables or even on the floor! 


UBBI Diaper Pail

Stainless Steel Diaper Pail

While we're speaking of bum changes, the Ubbi Diaper Pail is fantastic. It's no fancy diaper genie or anything, but I like to keep my baby contraptions as simple as possible. This diaper pail comes with the option of specialized bags, but I love that it is compatible with any garbage bag. No specialty bags necessary. The stainless steel makes it easy to clean and keeps the stink inside. It has a baby proof lock and scent seal too. Let's keep the poop smell inside the can. 

Bonus: I like to use a drop or two of purification essential oil into the garbage bag or the bottom of the stainless steel can (stainless steel is compatible with essential oils). No fake air fresheners or chemicals needed here. Cleaning and sanitizing with plants is my jam. 


Seedlings Baby Line

By Young Living

I cannot express how much I wish this product line was around during Orson's first three months of life. Infant skin is incredibly thin, delicate, and porous. Anything we put on baby's skin (and our own) gets into our system within seconds! That's why our babies deserve the very best! 

If you haven't noticed yet, I swear by Young Living Essential Oils and their oil-infused lifestyle products. This baby line is plant-based and free of those traditional baby products that are full of chemicals, preservatives, and harmful fragrances. Don't believe me? Check this out.  

This baby line is the real deal. No green-washing. Just plant powered goodness. 

Bonus: If you don't know where to start, I would highly recommend the baby wipes, baby wash + shampoo, and baby lotion. I can even help hook you up with my personal discounts and lifestyle support here.

 They even have products for older tots and kiddos including natural toothpaste, supplements, antioxidant juices and more! Babies + kids are the perfect motivation for cleaning up your lifestyle and ridding your home & body of harmful and un-necessary toxins.

I challenge you to use this app to scan some of your current baby and home products and see how what they rate on the toxin scale. 


Little Unicorn Marindale

Backpack Diaper Bag

Matt and I agreed that we wanted a gender neutral and convenient diaper bag backpack. We both agreed that the backpack style best suited our taste and new parenting needs. I love this bag it's easy to carry (for my short frame) and looks great on both of us. It has joined us on many parenting adventures. 

It can even convert into a crosss body bag if you're into that style. It comes with a ton of visible and hidden compartments perfect for those newborn and mama essentials. It's fairly easy to keep clean and spot wipe and holds a ton of stuff without looking tacky! Parenting win! 


That wraps up the 0-3 goods! Can't wait to share the 3-6 month faves with you in just a few weeks. 

Happy nesting! 

my pcos skincare routine.

my pcos skincare routine.

I have pcos, now what?!

I have pcos, now what?!