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groceries made easy.

groceries made easy.

I absolutely love grocery shopping...when I have the time. My favourite place to stock up on yummy goodies is at our local farmers market (and thankfully it's only a few steps away from our front door). In the spring & summer when we have a free Saturday morning, family breakfast + grocery shopping is one of our favourite activities. Otherwise, I can never get my husband to grocery shop with me because he hates it with a passion! 


Since having our son a year ago, groceries have quickly become a bit more challenging and a lot more rushed. I was recently introduced to a service that has been saving my life and precious precious time!! I shared it on my IG story a month or so ago and got tons of questions and promised I would share more with everyone. I always say that I wish I knew about it sooner (ex. those first few months of postpartum & c-section recovery). If you're a new mama or you know a new mama-to-be (or simply just don't have enough time in life) then this post could possibly save your grocery shopping sanity too! 

So what's the deal?

Click & Collect is a Canadian service (sorry to my American mamas) that is operated through the Zehrs/Loblaws grocery chain. It is an online order & in-person pick up system for all your family or personal groceries. You can search and click through their list of grocery and household items and simply select what you want in your virtual cart. When you are finished you can select the store that offers the service closest to your home. When you pay online at checkout, you reserve your order on a credit card, but when you go to pick it up at the store, you can pay cash, debit, or just leave it on your CC. You also have the option to link your PC Plus rewards to your purchase, making it faster and easier to get free groceries. Trust me, this adds up quick! I have already received at least $100.00 back in groceries since I joined. Just to review...

1. Shop Online & Reserve Order - get credit card ready for this. 

2. Select Store and Pick Up time - drive to your pick-up store during your selected time slot. It's $3 for slower times of the day and $5 for busy/prime times of the day. Personally, I always do the $3 time slot. 

3. Park in Pick Up Area - this is very well marked, it's a big red parking space. Then you call the phone number that's on your parking space sign, and soon a store employee will come out with your groceries and neatly pack them into your trunk. It's amazing!! They usually give me a free drink every time ANNNDD  at Easter time they gave me Cadbury Mini Eggs. I'm like BFF's with my grocery guy. 

4. Go Home & Be Thankful - that you didn't have to do that alone. My strategy in unloading is to wait until nap time, or I carry in all the fridge & freezer items, and then Matt carries in the rest once he's home from work. Team work makes the dream work! 

If this interests you, leave a comment below with your email - or direct message me on social media with your email. I have a personal coupon that gets you $10 off your first order (I have to  directly enter your email from my account for it to work or else i'd just post the code below)!! Once you sign up, you can share your own code with friends too and every time someone signs up, you both get $10. Woo hoo! 

Happy grocery day!! 


ditching negativity.

ditching negativity.

what happened to nationwares!?

what happened to nationwares!?