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millennial momlife perks.

millennial momlife perks.

I wrote this post almost a year ago and just let it sit. Finally getting around to publishing it today, and it feels like I just wrote it. That's momlife for ya!! Sometimes livin' that parenting life gets so busy that I'll run into someone I haven't seen in a year, and they may be secretly offended that it's taken so long to hang out again, but I actually feel like I just saw them yesterday...because that's just how fast time flies for me.

When I wrote this, I was so overwhelmed with the fact that I had a one year old, I wasn't even able to blog about it seriously. #blogmomprobs? Looking back on my journey, I am so incredibly thankful that I am doing #momlife in the era of millennial motherhood. Like any other parenting niche or era, there are extreme pros and cons to this type of child-rearing culture and overall reality, but at the end of the day, I'm happy to be a millennial mommer. 

This post is dedicated to all the other sparkly and special unicorn moms out there who are determined to be moms, world leaders, IG moms, YouTube stars, or CEO's of their own multi-million dollar empires that they earned from home. Is it possible?! Are you a millennial? Then yes!  


10. Project Life. Traditional old school baby books & scrapbooks seem like way too much of a hassle to keep up with. As much as I love counting milestones, I prefer to collect memories, and that's why I love the Project Life platform. It's essentially scrapbooking for hipsters, and way more fun. Still sound too complicated? Try Chatbooks! I'll be sharing peeks into my Project Life world in another post. 

Update: My Project Life routine is struggling. I'm still on Orson's first week in the hospital. So if you're all about that simplicity and getting that documenting done, I'd do chatbooks.  


9. Blogging. Whether you love or hate the average mom blogger, it can be super therapeutic and simple to do. It's fantastic for mamas (or anyone) who loves to write and get their thoughts out into the world. Also helps that mat leave time go by once you've already downed every new release on Netflix. Don't pretend like you haven't been there.  Gone are the days when you need to sit in Starbucks with a laptop to write. I'm currently typing this on my iPhone with my car parked in the driveway while Orson naps in the back seat, because the car is his magical palace of slumber.  A mom blog or any other kind of blog is a great way to feel connected to your peers both near and far, express yourself, stay linked to your passions, or challenge yourself in new ways. It's also free entertainment, and we all know moms love free stuff.


8. Twitter. Do you ever have a funny little moment from your day but don't want to be one of those Facebook moms that does a full narration of your child's day in Facebook statuses and then lose all your friends? Well then, welcome to Twitter! I love sharing my 140 character moments with other moms on the interwebs. It's also super entertaining to search other common mom hashtags that you're positive you invented, and the. read the baby antics of complete strangers and then realize you're not alone. I'm not an avid Tweeter, but I like to dabble the odd time. 


7. Self Care = Survival. Self care as a mom is so important, but we often feel super guilty doing it. The reality is, if we don't make time for self care...we fall apart. Millennial moms are expected to have super-human strength to somehow rear a family, take care of their homes, and change the freaking world all at the same time! Sometimes self care looks like an extra long bath, early morning workout, or my personal favourite...creating something fun, but it can also be difficult and honest conversations with yourself or someone you love. Self care = self love. It's like the wise RuPaul says time after time, "if you can't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna' love somebody else!?"


6. YouTube. My guilty little pleasure. I could happily spend ALL DAY on YouTube. It takes great discipline for me to not lose myself in a YouTube binge. Even more than Netflix! Yes. I even watch mom videos, mom reviews, momvlogs, and mom unboxings! I've even debated starting my own YouTube channel of vlogs. We filmed bits and pieces of Orson's first year of life, but I wish we filmed more!


5. Web MD. This is a double edged sword!! I love it for myself and now for my babe. I can certainly diagnose anything and everything that ails us...good or bad. Orson had a really pink eye once (ew gross I know) and so I just popped in the symptoms to the app and BAM! Pink eye indeed. Okay that one was too easy, but you get the point. I still recommend REAL doctors over the internet ones, but man, the internet is so smart. Be careful though, it's easy to accidentally diagnose a simple cold for some scary fatal disease. 


4. Google. Our moms didn't have Google. How did they live?? I seriously Google everything! You can find everything and anything on Google. I like to think I've perfected my searching abilities over the past year. Try to think of the most obscure mom-type question, Google it, and I guarantee someone has already asked it. It actually makes you feel a little more normal. 


3. Amazon. During those first few months of mom life (especially if you're recovering from a c-section), online shopping is everything. Almost all of my baby accessories including things like toys, diaper bags, bathtubs etc. were all from Amazon or

It may or may not become an addiction. 

I am currently in recovery...just kidding. I just subscribed to Amazon Prime! 


2. Mom Boss Life

You caught me, I'm a mom boss and proud of it. For so many years, moms were forced to make a choice between family or work. Heck, I want both! My years in the traditional workforce also taught me that I don't do well as an employee. I am a hard-wired boss/leader/entrepreneur. Can't escape it. I'm 110% a team player...I just want to hand pick the team myself...and that's exactly what I get to do!

Babies and kids may seemingly be the coolest accessory around to the older millennial crowd. It's crazy and cool that anyone can make money from raising their child and sharing it on the interwebs. Okay okay, as someone with firsthand experience, it's A LOT  more complex than that, but let's keep it simple for the sake of this post. 

This is the era of mama bosses. Mompreneurs have taken over the world with their monetized blogs, Etsy shops, network marketing businesses, and other home based initiatives. There has never been a better time to make money while doing "all the things". I'm so proud to be part of this movement. Also equally proud of the mom bosses out there in the work field killin' it for their families and bringing home the bacon! 

Wanna try the at-home thing? Need help? Gimmie a holler and i'll tell you all my secrets...well...most of them. 


1. Instagram

Have you ever creeped anyone back to the very beginning of their IG feed? Mine is saturated with photos edited using mainly X-Pro II filter with the black boarder. I was so edgy *cough*. From day one of using the app, I told Matt that my dream job would be sharing pics for a living and somehow getting paid for it. Said dream actually came true last year!! 

I loved it at first, but then instantly wanted to dial back to a simpler time when IG wasn't so structured and perfect. I'm certainly not structured and trust me, i'm far from perfect. I must say though, some of my best friends have come from IG. I love all the soul sisters i've discovered from around the world who wake up and do life with me every single day. IG is so much more than playing with your kids and posting it for others to see how great a parent you are (or aren't).

IG gets the number one spot in my books because it's all about meeting new people, making new friends, sharing your struggles & celebrating each-others success. It's taking a snapshot or video clip and using that to pave the way for genuine dialogue.  Although the internet is home for many trolls and weird people looking to judge and insult, it's also a place to find some of the most warm and caring people looking for genuine connection outside the walls of their home. It's a peek into your world and sharing a peek into mine with the hope to inspire, challenge, share, and encourage. IG has done so much good in my life that it far outweighs any bad.

Millennial mamas, I look forward to seeing you in my newsfeed. Better yet, in my DM inbox :)




may in review.

may in review.

diy oil cleansing recipes.

diy oil cleansing recipes.