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my pcos skincare routine.

my pcos skincare routine.

First of all, thank you sooo much for your overwhelming feedback and response to my first PCOS post (insert happy praise hands emoji). I was so nervous to share my journey, because it's not a sexy thing to share at all, but it's a reality for many women. I'm glad to help in as many practical ways as I can. 

Before we get to the good stuff...

Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor or dermatologist - i'm just a happy hippy (ish) mama who loves alternative medicine aka. natural solutions aka. healing myself with plants aka. should actually be done by everyone before all the chemicals and artificially made junk on the market. 

This is also my personal experience. What works for me may not work for you, but it probably will. Especially if you share my skin type and you're currently not using this type of skin routine.

 My skin is a typical example of PCOS skin which is oily with painful cystic acne. If I do not follow my skincare ritual, I will have an oily painful face that makes me want to hide from the world. My solution...

oil cleansing.

In the past, i've used horrendously expensive skincare lines where I had to use a creamy face wash, exfoliant, toner, some random cream to eat away acne, and then a moisturizer to attempt to restore my skin because it's a dry and scaly mess with leftover scaly breakouts, gross. That's like 5 steps too, who has that kind of time? Not me! #momlife 

My current skincare routine has been reduced to two things. 

1. nightly oil cleansing
(with my homemade facial serum) 


My facial serum is homemade by me and full of super amazing skin restoring + healing ingredients that come from plants. It's custom formulated to cleanse, balance hormones, remove makeup, add the perfect amount of moisture, all while healing painful cystic acne. It's made from essential oils & other carrier oils. Believe it or not, the best way to combat oily skin is with natural oils (aka. the life force of plants). I know you probably think i'm crazy adding oils to oily skin, but trust me. This is life changing!

Many women don't know that most typical store bought facial cleansers & toners are actually made to strip your skin completely, which causes your skin to go into defence mode and over-produce more oils! 

That's why I use this routine known as "oil pulling" which means you are applying good oils to your face so they catch the bad oils on your face and pull them away. The good nutrients in the good oils are absorbed by your face, and the bad ones adhere to your microfiber cloth. 

Here's a quick list of oil-cleansing benefits: 

  • helps balance oil production

  • natural / chemical free/ non-toxic

  • custom to your skins needs

  • removes dirt + makeup (including eye makeup & lipstick)

  • hydrates the skin without overdoing it

  • affordable!

* Click here for my oil cleansing recipe suggestions! 


2. morning exfoliant
(use 3X a week in or out of the shower) 


Skin exfoliation is super important. I only have to do this 3 times a week, maybe 4 depending on my environment.

My exfoliant cleanses, nourishes, & stimulates without damaging the skin's natural PH balance (this is so important for anyone, especially women with PCOS). It uses safe and gentle ingredients like jojoba oil beads (instead of plastic ones that harm animals and the environment).  Jojoba beads rejuvenate the skin and give a fresher + smoother appearance.

It also contains an MSM organic supplement for collagen, and contains antioxidant vitamins and other essential oils and botanicals (like peppermint). It smells so good I want to eat it.

My face feels crazy minty fresh when I'm done too. I always think of that scene from Mean Girls when Aaron Samuels tells Regina George that her face smells like peppermint. If you'd like to try this scrub, i'd be happy to mail you a sample or you can get your own with my help, here. 

And that's it folks! That's all I do to keep my skin clean, balanced, and free of painful cystic acne. Simple and easy. For added benefits keep your diet as clean as possible, drink lots of H2O, use natural & organic makeup (ditch the toxic stuff), and if you do have breakouts, try my suggestions for easy spot treatments. 

Does this routine sound too simple  or too good to be true? I'll teach you how to make your own serum here.


diy oil cleansing recipes.

diy oil cleansing recipes.

baby bests (0-3 months).

baby bests (0-3 months).