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instant matcha mom.

instant matcha mom.

I've come to the realization that I'm an Instant Matcha kind of mom, and I'm totally okay with that. What does that mean!? For me, it essentially means that momlife is freaking hard, and sometimes that makes healthy choices even harder!! I confess, I struggle hardcore with emotional / reactionary eating. If I've had a terrible morning with unexpected mom probs and disasters, you can bet that I'll stuff my face with the quickest and easiest thing available...good or bad. 


Photo evidence of a testing morning = me getting out of the shower to my diffuser taken apart & spilled everywhere, the living room wall was nicely "decorated" because I forgot to put the Crayons away, and we were  likely late for a play date or something. Definitely a little stressful, but he still managed to look so dang cute!!

In that moment, I was probably wishing I had a Cinnabon to shove in my mouth to help me move on. In reality, I likely settled for a Diet Coke, which is just as bad if not worse, but addiction is addiction and those mom choices are hard. Newsflash, I don't always make the right one. Enter Matcha...



I was floored to receive this adorable bottle of Instant Green Tea Matcha to sample from 10th Avenue Tea. When it comes to teas and other speciality beverages, I leave the barista stuff up to Starbucks. Ain't nobody got time to make & steep the perfect brew (unless you're my husband on the weekend, taking decades to make your posh coffee in your pour over). I joke, but I love him dearly. I think it's probably because I'm just not a coffee person.  I like to keep it simple. I NEED to keep it simple. If it's not sparkling water, (or my DC guilty pleasure) it's tea for me please! 

I admit, I was a little skeptical of this instant matcha at first because the label says you can just shake it over hot or iced water to make your tea. That's it, 3-4 shakes and bam!! rink up!! Matcha is also a powder which means no messy tea leaves and no steeping.  

Now I know some people love to do the whole milky Matcha thing with almond milk, or whatever other milk tickles your fancy. Me, I'm apparently super basic so I just like to stick to Matcha in water...iced. Grab, shake, and go is totally my style. That's exactly what I've been doing lately. They made the bottle portable too by its cute size, and silicone reusable lid once you'v cracked the seal.


Why choose matcha...or this brand!? No fuss is always a perk for busy humans, but matcha also has 10 times the antioxidants of regular green tea. It's pure so no fillers, sweeteners, or hidden weirdness. 10th Avenue Tea goes the extra mile to make it Eco-friendly. Each bottle has 45 servings, and you can recycle it when it's finished. Crazy fact, most instant tea bags come in single serve packets and take 200-400 years to break down in a landfill. Who knew!? 


Huge thanks to 10th Ave Tea & my gal pals at IHELPMOMS for hooking me up. As a thank you for reading my matcha mom confessions, here's a code for you to get 20% off this tea so you can enjoy it in your home too! Also comes in other flavours if you're not sold on the matcha thing, but love the idea of simplified and Eco friendly tea on the go! 

Use code: mom 20 to save 20%



your wellness toolkit.

your wellness toolkit.

may in review.

may in review.