Why Essential Oils?

When I became a mama in 2016, I vowed that my home would be a safe and healthy haven for my family. Thankfully, it has never been easier to ditch & switch all the chemical + toxin filled lifestyle products in your home and replace them with beautiful, all natural plant powered products from Young Living that work collectively to improve your health and wellness!

Below you’ll find everything our family uses daily to achieve whole-life wellness.


1. Essential Oils

Young Living has the largest collection of powerful single essential oils and special proprietary blends. These oils and blends were created by farmers and tested by the best scientists so they can safely be used in your diffuser, on your body, or taken as a dietary supplement.

Here in Canada, essential oils are recognized as Natural Health Products and serve as a critical part of preventative healthcare and natural wellness. The Young Living Seed to Seal Guarantee gives you the very best sourcing, science, and global standards for each single bottle of oil from tiny plant seed, to bottle cap seal.

2. Savvy Minerals Makeup

Young Living launched this all natural mineral makeup line in 2017. It has been straight up top of heap compared to other clean makeups on the market ever since. It’s free of talc, synthetics & harmful ingredients that we know we need to avoid. Savvy carries everything from foundations & lipsticks to eyeshadows + blushes, mascara & primers, palettes and everything in between. This makeup feels so natural with customizable coverage and only the finest ingredients that will help nourish and clarify your skin over time! PS. Members can actually get this stuff for free! High quality makeup for free!? Yes please!!

3. Thieves Line aka. Clean with Plants!

The Thieves Line has all the amazing natural cleaning products you need around the home! No joke, this plant powered line is safe for kids to lick and you don’t have to call poison control like with typical home cleaning products. Thieves product line includes an AMAZING all-purpose cleaning concentrate, laundry detergent, hand soaps, dish soap, disinfectant spray, toothpaste/ oral care & waterless hand sanitizers to name a few!

4. Lifestyle Products aka. Skincare, Bath & Body etc.

I used to wish Jessica Alba would thank me or pay me for spending hundreds of dollars on her products. Thankfully, Young Living actually does! When you’re a Young Living member, you also get free products in return for buying products! We’ve got everything from shampoos, cleansers, acne treatment, body wash, lotions & exfoliants, and high end creams too. Remember, what we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put in them!

5. Ningxia Red Antioxidant Drink

This is energy, stamina, and liquid immunity without any crash or synthetics. I could seriously write a small novel listing all the benefits of this wolfberry puree. Here are a few…

  • boosts immunity, helps rebuild white blood cell count

  • good for eyes, heart, kidneys, and liver

  • helps with weight management (and helps keep you regular…if you know what I mean)

  • good for brain development! safe for the whole family!

  • natural energy with zero crash

6. Natural Supplements & Vitamins

Everyone joins for the oils but stays for the supplements! They are actually life-changing and you’ll notice the benefits and unmatchable quality immediately. Young Living sources their ingredients from the best & most whole sourcing options available, AND they add essential oils, so you’re getting great ingredients & better nutrient absorption. No nasty fillers or fake stuff, just plant powered goodness. You'll notice a huge change in your overall health. Just like with anything else in the health world, consistency is key!

7. Holistic Nutrition & Weightloss

If Young Living hasn’t already done enough, they have a whole line of delicious plant based, vegan whole foods + related weight-loss related items like teas, drinks, dietary oils, and plant proteins. Yummy food options include Einkorn pasta, gluten free & regular waffle mixes, Einkorn granola + flakes + baking powder. Einkorn is a natural wheat what isn’t your typical franken-wheat that you get from the grocery store. It’s natural and harvest carefully. It’s natural genetic make-up makes it lower in gluten levels, making it easier on your digestive system. Don’t take it from me though, try it all for yourself!

8. Seedlings Baby Line

There’s nothing more sweet than a fresh smelling baby! Let’s ditch all the harsh artificial fragrances and let nature do its stuff! The Seedlings Baby Line covers all baby needs…naturally! Young Living has given mamas and babes everything from gentle body wash & shampoo to bum cream, wipes, and linen spray for a dreamy lavender-filled sleep. Outside of personal use, they even have special bundles you can purchase for baby shower gifts!


Ready to Start?

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