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Orson's 1st Halloween

Orson's 1st Halloween

Matt and I spent last Halloween in our cozy little loft watching every movie in the "Halloween" and "Scream" series while I was newly pregnant, battling fierce morning sickness, and what I would later find out was my first round of pneumonia for the season. This year we enjoyed the unofficial spooky holiday with our family's newest member who we quickly learned is going to make any holiday feel that much more amazing (and exhausting). I've never been a huge Halloween fan but enjoyed it more than ever this year so I thought i'd share a few quick highlights and snapshots for family and friends.

Orson absolutely loved pumpkin carving and was entertained the entire time. He is still exclusively breastfed but we thought it would be fun to trim down the top of the pumpkin and let him suck on it. That was hands down his favourite part of the whole process. His little teething gums just went to town on that lid! He also loved playing with the pumpkin guts but we had to be super careful with that part of the process to make sure a little seed didn't sneak its way into his mouth since that's where everything seems to go these days. Last year we were so sad that we didn't get around to carving pumpkins or making seeds so this year definitely made up for it!  We decided to try something new and made super quick and yummy pumpkin seeds we made in our T-fal Actifry  (a hot air fryer that simplifies and makes comfort foods healthier and so much more affordable than anything you'd get at a restaurantAND without the guilt!) not to mention the whole process only takes 10 minutes and a tablespoon or less of healthy oils! Recipe below...

10 Minute Pumpkin Seeds


pumpkin seeds  (as you'd like to make in a decently dry state)
sea salt
garlic powder or other seasonings of your choice
1 tbsp avocado oil or coconut oil (I used avocado)
Instructions: scatter seeds in the bottom of your T-fal Actify and add seasonings and oil. Set timer for 10 minutes. Enjoy your perfect and yummy seeds! For best results store in a glass airtight container. 

After all the prep our actual Halloween day was spent running errands, visiting friends + family, and of course photo-documenting every single moment so we never forget! For his first Halloween Orson was a dragon. I didn't make the costume because once we saw this one we fell in love instantly! Since we brought him home from the hospital Orson's favourite song has been "Puff the Magic Dragon" by Peter Paul & Mary. We have listened to and sang this song thousands of times to get our little boy to sleep. It was only fitting that he be his own little puff for Halloween! Hands down the cutest little dragon boy in town. 

Orson went to visit his newest baby Sider cousin (Griffin). I can already tell that these two are going to be quite the little hooligans in the very near future. This is just the beginning of their Halloween adventures! These two are going to be serious little hooligans in the very near future! 

After seeing his cousin we came home to see Orson's other little group besties. The cutest little giraffe, deer, dragon, and bunny #squadgoals. 
magic glow jar
Shortly after Matt came home and we scurried to finish the rest of our Halloween decor which featured these adorable magic glow jars! Orson was obsessed with them. I was secretly paranoid that he would get it open and get magic glow goo all over his hands but we were accident free. We made enough jars to give extra cool lighting to our porch steps. If you would like to make your own magic glow jars here's how we made them!

Magic Glow Jar Craft


To make your own you will need the following items: 

1 pack glowstick tubes
1 set of mini mason jars. 
1 pair of latex gloves or something to protect your hands
1 pair of strong scissors or knife
Directions: Choose your desired glow-stick colours and break them carefully with your hands & strong scissors overtop of the mason jar (I would recommend an adult doing this alone outside with gloves on). Once enough glow potion is safely inside all the jars you can shake it around as much as you like. Lasts well for 6+ hours. 

He's too young for candy this year so i'll cherish this end of night photo because I have a feeling that a tired boy that goes to bed well after a night of candy and excitement won't happen ever...again...

If you want to change the world.

If you want to change the world.

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