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DIY Sleepy Spray

DIY Sleepy Spray

Orson and I both struggle with major FOMO (fear of missing out), so we need all the help we can get in order to feel sleepy & ready for bed. I have a hard time shutting my brain off, and Orson is a one year old now, so bedtime isn't at the top of his fun activities list. Enter sleepy spray, it seriously gets my body, brain and bedding ready for some serious zzzzz's. It's not a magical spray that will guarantee  baby sleep, buts it's more like the icing on the cake for bedtime routines. The unique oil blend in the spray supports positive emotions, creating a calming and amazing smelling environment for moms + babies with no chemicals or harmful fragrances, just plants. My go-to recipe is below. 

Sleepy Spray Recipe


10 ml Glass Spray Bottle (or any size you choose, adjust recipe accordingly)

Gentle Baby™ Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil 

Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel

Distilled or Purified Water


  • Fill glass bottle approx. half-way with your alcohol-free witch hazel
  •  Finish it off with water, leaving some room at the top to add your essential oils
  •  Add Gentle Baby™ + Lavender essential oils. I used 8 drops of each oil. For this size you can use between 5-10 drops of each oil based on how strong or mild you would like the spray. If you're making a larger size then adjust accordingly. 
  • Place trigger spray cap back on your bottle, and gently swish/shake to mix. 
  • Spray on bed sheets, pillows, or in the air to create a dreamy smelling atmosphere. 
  • Try not to fall asleep before you're in bed! 


I use the Gentle Baby™ essential oil blend from Young Living because it combines geranium, rosewood, coriander, palmarosa, lavender, ylang ylang, roman chamomile, lemon, and jasmine. These oils are all very soothing which invites a sense of calming for both mothers and babies/children. Warning, because of the photosensitivity of the lemon oil, do not use this spray directly on your body if you are going out in the sunlight (you may turn into a vampire, just kidding...citrus oils can make your skin extra sensitive to the sun). 

I use Lavender essential oil from Young Living because it is calming, relaxing, and  provides emotional support. 

I use alcohol-free witch hazel because it is gentler on skin. Witch hazel with alcohol can be drying. We're not going for that effect in this recipe. 

All of the products mentioned above can be purchased on Amazon (just click the live link for each ingredient listed) except for the Essential Oils which you can purchase at a discounted price directly from yours truly. 

Disclaimer: This blog contains affiliate or referral links which may reward me in the event of a subscription or sale. I use these funds to feed my dog or buy diapers for my baby. You will not be charged extra, and you'll keep my son's bum clean (and my dog alive). It's a win for everyone really. 



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