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Welcome to the Nómada Wellness Blog (formerly I originally created this space to share my personal antics and quest for whole-life wellness, but in recent years it has evolved into something much bigger and brighter and i’m over the moon excited to share!

This new space isn’t just about me! It’s about our incredible collective of ordinary humans doing extraordinary things to create a whole-life wellness lifestyle. This blog is where we share our tips & tools that are made to wander with the modern nomad like you.

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Career Update

Career Update

I am the worst human when it comes to adhering to my own personal blog schedule. I'm not sure why I have this problem...

I think it's likely because blogging and expressing myself + sharing life is super therapeutic and meaningful to me. At the same time, I often get all up in my head about the quality of my content or who is reading, and worst yet...who is judging. Eeek! BUT, i've been applying the tactics from my last blog post on Ditching Negativity to my everyday life, so I think i'm on the right track.

 Since becoming a mom, I spend a lot of time on the interwebs. I think my online presence increased as soon as Orson was born. I was often home alone with a new baby and missing Matt, healing from 2 surgeries in one year (lots of time at home, unable to drive etc), and tons of middle of the night IG cruising sessions while nursing.

I am so thankful I found an online community of mamas (in addition to my in-person mamas) that I absolutely love and adore. Even though they are scattered around the world, we are able to meet online daily and do life together! 

 My life goal (that I secretly didn't think would ever be possible) was to quit my 9-5 job and stay home, making a living doing + sharing what I love. I quickly learned over the past year that limiting beliefs are real. If you limit yourself, you'll stay stuck. It's been a little over a year now since Orson was born, and that crazy dream is becoming my reality. I finally quit my job back in May and took a massive leap of faith and committed myself to two at-home businesses.

1. My Wellness Biz

I'm calling it Curate Wellness (launching a website for it in the very near future), but will also be sharing my personal wellness tips primarily on this blog. I'm calling it Curate Wellness because that's what i'm doing for myself and others. A curator is essentially a content specialist. Just like an art curator selects customized pieces that enhance a gallery, museum, or store...I have the opportunity to curate a custom wellness package of plant based products (i'm talking the life force of plants here), supplements, personal care items, whole foods, and so much more that helps my body function optimally.

  Why? I have struggled with hormonal imbalances, severe emotional eating due to past physical + emotional trauma (which I will share about soon enough), and depression & anxiety. I am not free from all of these things 100%, but I am in the process of breaking free. I'm down almost 70lbs in one year (35 of those are pre-pregnancy pounds...and yes...I had a lot to lose. It's still hard to admit). I've recently been at a bit of a standstill, so i'm upping my game now until I hit my goal this year... in my 30th year of life!  It's all thanks to natural and plant based living, tons of research, and an incredible community of like-minded individuals working together to achieve our dreams. It is my goal to be 30 and thriving in all 7 areas of life including: Faith, Family, Fitness, Field (aka Career), Finances, Friends, and Fun! 

 I want to help others do the same. Helping others actually motivates me to remain accountable to my own goals too! If you're curious about this at all, I'd be happy to share more with you privately about balancing hormones, ditching toxins, getting healthy in those 7 areas I mentioned above, or creating your own biz and making money (aka. getting paid to stay accountable to your goals while getting full-life healthy). 

2. My Blog 

My initial goal was never to monetize my blog or social media accounts, but i've grown to the point where I can. Woo hoo! I would honestly share life + content regardless of pay (but it's a nice and welcomed perk). Thank you thank you thank you for reading, clicking, supporting, and walking through this journey with me!  

On top of the blog, I am proud to announce that I am the newest team member to an incredible start-up called where we make motherhood easier by connecting mamas and families to the very best resources. Our founder, Michelle, was also adopted as a baby and I really resonate with her on multiple levels. She has truly created a space where moms can get more resources, more love, and zero judgement. No perfect moms allowed ;) 

If you're a mommy-blogger yourself and you'd like your content shared, or an opportunity to contribute to our content (paid and unpaid opportunities) shoot me a message. I'd love to hook you up and add you to our community. If you have a biz or know of one that you think would benefit our audience of moms, let me know and we can chat about how to collab! 

I'm absolutely floored that I get to do all this from the comfort of my home (or wherever else our adventures may take us). Working at home honestly isn't for everyone, but it was a personal goal of mine so I am celebrating. I will be posting on this blog on a much more frequent basis. The goal is minimum 2x per week. Help me stay accountable to that goal! This actual blog is a newer one for me, i'll gradually be moving old content off my previous blog, since I lost a lot of it when I made the switch. 

If you have a blog of your own, please leave your link in the comments. Whether or not it's mom or lifestyle related - I'd love to take a further peek into the minds and hearts of my friends!!  




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